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"Good Bots" MLB Scores & Stats for Yesterday, June 2, 2023

June 03, 2023 The ResultsCast Team Season 1 Episode 26
"Good Bots" MLB Scores & Stats for Yesterday, June 2, 2023
The MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast!
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The MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast!
"Good Bots" MLB Scores & Stats for Yesterday, June 2, 2023
Jun 03, 2023 Season 1 Episode 26
The ResultsCast Team

It's June 3, 2023 and we're delivering the latest episode of the MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast! We cover all the games from yesterday, with scores first, and game details and stats afterwards. All brought to you by fun generative AI characters!

Today we have:

"Good Bots"

00:12- Pauly B intro
02:25- Major League Baseball Scores for June 2
05:24 - Game-by-game details
37:51 - Pauly B closes out the day
39:51 - Generative AI disclaimer

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It's June 3, 2023 and we're delivering the latest episode of the MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast! We cover all the games from yesterday, with scores first, and game details and stats afterwards. All brought to you by fun generative AI characters!

Today we have:

"Good Bots"

00:12- Pauly B intro
02:25- Major League Baseball Scores for June 2
05:24 - Game-by-game details
37:51 - Pauly B closes out the day
39:51 - Generative AI disclaimer

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Pauly B Intro:

Howdy! This is your host, Pauly Bee, welcoming you to another episode of The MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast. Today, we're diving into the games played on the second of June, 2023. We're here to toss you the freshest, funniest baseball details, right from the diamond to your ear. You can snack on yesterday's happenings while you hustle on with your day.

Now, before we roll on with the scores, here's a shout out to all our listeners who've joined us on this exciting journey. This is episode twenty-six, and we're aiming for a solid hit of adding one to two new listeners each day. So, if you've got a buddy who's all about baseball, or know a kiddo who can't sleep without their dose of baseball chatter, then point 'em our way. Your likes, subscribes, ratings and, of course, your friendly neighborhood word-of-mouth goes a long way in keeping this show on the air!

Now, we've heard your feedback, and we've taken it to heart. Yes, that includes toning down our love for Bob Uecker and Harry Caray quotes. And about that Darryl Strawberry quote, well, let's just say the ball's still in the air on that one. We'll keep our quotes straight down the baseline moving forward.

We're here to keep you posted on everything Major League Baseball, and that means no time for other companies or businesses. We're all about the good stuff: the box scores, the standouts, and the fine details of America's favorite pastime. And don't worry, we're not about to slide into any touchy topics. We'll stick to the safe bases, and keep the conversation light and fun.

And speaking of fun, here's a quick trivia tidbit for you. On this day, June third, way back in 1932, Lou Gehrig became the first player in the American League to hit four home runs in a single game. Now that's some heavy hitting history for ya!

Now, time to pass the baton over to our co-host, Pam from Oklahoma, who'll be dishing out the Major League Baseball box scores and game notes for yesterday. There were fifteen games on the docket, but the Rays and Red Sox were rained out at Fenway. So, we'll be covering fourteen games today.

Remember, whether you're commuting, running errands, walking the dog, or just kicking back to relax, we're here to keep you company with all the baseball chatter you could ask for. Thanks for joining us, and let's play ball! Over to you, Pam!

Pam from Oklahoma, Scores from June 2, 2023:

Thanks, Pauly! This is Pam from Oklahoma, and I'm here with your three-minute rundown, buzzing through all the baseball buzz from yesterday's face-offs, faster than my cat Whiskers chases a laser pointer! And remember, our unique "Feedback Loop" system allows you, the ResultsCast community, to shape the way we present our episodes. We're all ears for your emails, Spotify comments, and tweets!

Ok, let's dive right into the rundown!

Up in the big apple, the Toronto Blue Jays outshined the New York Mets three-zip, making a statement.

An extra innings thriller in Cincinnati saw the Milwaukee Brewers edge the Reds five to four.

In our nation's capital, the Washington Nationals squeaked by the Philadelphia Phillies in a high-scoring game, eight to seven, despite the clean-fielding Phillies' efforts.

The New York Yankees ventured to the west coast, but the LA Dodgers showed them who's boss, winning eight to four, maintaining their spot as the NL West's number two.

The Miami Marlins, sitting as the second-ranked in NL East, blanked the Oakland Athletics four to nothing, taking advantage of a strong pitching performance.

The Pittsburgh Pirates came out on top against the St. Louis Cardinals, seven to five. Those Pirates sure were swinging their swords!

In Texas, the Rangers played shutout ball, beating the Seattle Mariners two-zip in a classic low-scoring duel.

The Minnesota Twins, AL Central leaders, pulled off a tight victory against the Cleveland Guardians, winning one to nothing. Low-scoring, but every bit as thrilling!

Heading to Chicago, the White Sox silenced the Detroit Tigers three-nil, reminding everyone why they are the best in the Windy City.

Down in Texas, the Houston Astros outpaced the Los Angeles Angels six to two, showing their resilience as AL West's number two.

The Colorado Rockies defeated the Kansas City Royals seven to two. For the Royals, it was a rough day at the office, still holding the last spot in AL Central.

In San Diego, the Chicago Cubs outlasted the Padres two to one. A low score, but high tension game!

The Arizona Diamondbacks, the top of NL West, narrowly escaped the Atlanta Braves, winning three to two in a hard-fought match.

Finally, the Baltimore Orioles flew past the San Francisco Giants in a tight one, three to two.

That's all for the rundown. Oh no, my cat Misty just knocked over my coffee! A bit of chaos here but nothing we can't handle. Now let's pass the ball over to my co-host, Mike, who will lead us into the next segment where we'll be going into the details, game by game. Over to you, Mike!

Mike from Connecticut, Game Details Begin:

Thanks, Pam, hope Misty isn't causing too much mayhem over there. It's always a bit of a circus when pets decide to 'help,' isn't it? Anyway, let's dive right into the action at Citi Field.

The Toronto Blue Jays came to town to square off against my boys, the New York Mets. Now I have to tell you, this one had me clutching my heart, not in the good way though. As much as it pains me to say it, the Jays shut out the Mets, taking the game three to nothing. The Metropolitans had a tough night at the plate, gathering just four hits in a pitching-dominated contest.

Toronto's Chris Bassitt earned the win, throwing a 7.2 inning gem, giving up just three hits and keeping the Mets scoreless. His season stats now stand at six wins and four losses with an impressive WHIP of 1.05. The Mets’ Justin Verlander, however, suffered the loss after giving up one run over six innings, bringing his season tally to two wins and three losses.

The Blue Jays' batters seemed to be taking batting practice off Verlander and the Mets' bullpen. George Springer and Daulton Varsho each knocked a big fly, accounting for all three Blue Jays' runs. Springer's homer was his 8th of the season, while Varsho logged his 9th. Varsho, though, was guilty of striking out twice in the game, along with Springer and Matt Chapman.

Toronto's defense, though solid overall, had one slip up when Vladimir Guerrero Jr. committed an error, his 4th of the season. As for the Mets, they need to find a way to start producing runs again and shake off this loss.

So there you have it, the Blue Jays took this one against the Mets, three to nothing. Let's see if my Mets can get their act together for the next game.

I hope you're ready for some extra innings action as the Milwaukee Brewers are visiting the Cincinnati Reds.

Going into the game, the Brewers sat at the top of the NL Central with 29 wins and 27 losses, while the Reds were trailing behind with 26 wins and 30 losses.

After nine innings of back-and-forth, the game was tied at 4 apiece, pushing the teams into extra innings. It seemed like both the Brewers and Reds were trading haymakers, each refusing to back down. The game was teetering back and forth like a seesaw during an elephant convention, and I tell you, it was as thrilling as watching Darryl Strawberry chase a high fastball back in '86.

The Brewers had Corbin Burnes on the mound, going 6 strong innings allowing only 2 hits and 3 runs while striking out 7. For the Reds, Brandon Williamson had the start and, like Burnes, put up a solid performance: 6.2 innings, 2 runs, 5 hits, and 6 strikeouts. It was like watching a masterclass in precision pitching. Reminded me of Mike Piazza behind the plate calling a game.

One key moment in the game was Joey Wiemer going yard for the Brewers, blasting his 6th long ball of the season. Meanwhile, for the Reds, Jonathan India hit a four-bagger as well, also his 6th of the season. There's just something about seeing the ball fly out of the park that gets me every time, it's like watching a majestic eagle fly, or in this case, two.

For the Brewers, Andruw Monasterio, Christian Yelich, and Owen Miller all had multi-hit games, while Joey Wiemer also managed to walk twice. Those boys were on base more times than I count as a generative AI!

On the other hand, the Reds had a few base stealers that did their part: Will Benson, Jonathan India, Jake Fraley, and Kevin Newman all swiped bags, giving the Reds an edge in the running game. It was like a free-for-all at a clam chowder festival – everyone was taking what they could.

However, the Reds couldn't capitalize on their stolen bases as several of their batters, like Will Benson, Stuart Fairchild, Jake Fraley, Nick Senzel, and Tyler Stephenson, struck out multiple times. Now, I'm not an actual human, but even I can tell that too many strikeouts can really kill a rally.

In the end, the Brewers outlasted the Reds in an 11-inning thriller. The final line: Brewers 5 runs on 7 hits with 1 error, and the Reds 4 runs on 3 hits with 2 errors. Bryse Wilson of the Brewers got his 3rd save of the season, with Elvis Peguero picking up the win, and the Reds' Fernando Cruz taking the loss. A real barn burner, Brewers 5, Reds 4 in 11 innings.

Alright, Pam. It's your turn to go to bat. We're moving over to Nationals Park for the next one, where the Philadelphia Phillies took on the Washington Nationals. Pam, it's all yours now!

Pam from Oklahoma:

Thank you, Mike. And what a thriller that was over at Nationals Park! In a game where the bats definitely had their say, the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals kept everyone on their toes till the very last inning.

Coming into the game, both teams were tied in the standings with 25 wins and 32 losses each. The Phillies sent their trusty right-hander Zack Wheeler to the mound, while the Nationals countered with their own righty, Josiah Gray. Wheeler, unfortunately, had a rough day at the office, surrendering 7 runs and 8 hits in just 3.2 innings. Gray, on the other hand, gave up 4 runs in 5.1 innings but was better supported by his bullpen.

The Nationals' lineup, led by a resurgent Luis Garcia, who went deep for his 5th long ball of the season, generated enough offense to pull this one out. On the Phillies side, Nick Castellanos was swinging a hot bat, cranking two four-baggers to bring his season total to seven and driving in a whopping 5 runs. But alas, his efforts were not enough to carry the day.

However, it wasn't just the big fly hitters who made an impact. Multiple players from both teams had multiple-hit games. This includes the Nationals' Alex Call, Luis Garcia, Joey Meneses, and Jeimer Candelario, as well as the Phillies' Kyle Schwarber, Brandon Marsh, Nick Castellanos, and Bryson Stott. An impressive show of offensive fireworks, indeed!

In the end, the Nationals' bullpen, spearheaded by Hunter Harvey, Mason Thompson, and Kyle Finnegan, was able to stem the tide of the Phillies' offense and eke out a one-run victory. Finnegan earned the win, while Connor Brogdon of the Phillies took the loss.

With this result, the final score was the Washington Nationals 8, Philadelphia Phillies 7.

Now let's turn our attention westward, where the historic rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers took another turn under the lights of Dodger Stadium. Hold on to your hats; this one promises to be a humdinger.

You're absolutely right, Mike! Let's dive into this game. It was a sunny day at Dodger Stadium, and what a contest we witnessed between the Yankees and the Dodgers. If you're a fan of the long ball, this one was for you!

The Dodgers came into this game with a strong 34-23 record, while the Yankees were not far behind, entering the game with a 34-24 record.

The Yankees started with Luis Severino on the mound, who, unfortunately, didn't have his best outing, allowing 7 earned runs and 9 hits over just 3.2 innings. Clayton Kershaw, on the other hand, put on a masterclass for the Dodgers. He pitched 7 strong innings, allowing only 2 runs and 4 hits, and sent 9 Yankees back to the dugout via the strikeout.

The offensive fireworks were on full display as well. Mookie Betts was a star with the bat for the Dodgers, going deep twice for his 13th four-bagger of the season. Josh Donaldson, despite only having 2 hits for the season coming into the game, managed to blast two long balls of his own for the Yankees. Max Muncy, Giancarlo Stanton, and J.D. Martinez each added a homer to the scoreboard, leading to a total of seven round-trippers in this game.

Despite a respectable showing from the Yankees, it was the Dodgers who pulled away with the victory, scoring 8 runs off 13 hits with zero errors. The Yankees tallied 4 runs off 5 hits and had 1 unfortunate error in the field.

So there you have it, the final score: Los Angeles Dodgers 8, New York Yankees 4. The Dodgers showing off their offensive prowess, and the Yankees showing they can also put up a fight.

And now, over to Mike for the next game, the Oakland Athletics against the Miami Marlins. The Athletics will certainly be hoping to bounce back from their recent form, won't they, Mike? And hey, let's see if the Marlins can keep their fins up and ride the wave to victory.

Mike from Connecticut:

The Oakland Athletics definitely had their work cut out for them as they faced the Miami Marlins yesterday. This game proved to be a tough hurdle for the Athletics, currently sitting at the bottom of the AL West, and it didn't get any easier, my friends. Meanwhile, the Marlins, swimming steady in the middle of the NL East, were looking to make some waves. Let's dive into the details of this match-up.

The Athletics were simply unable to ignite their offense at the LoanDepot Park. Despite five hits, they were held scoreless, with Miami's Edward Cabrera putting up an impressive six innings with no earned runs and 10 strikeouts. That's some heat! The A's Shintaro Fujinami took the loss after giving up a couple of runs in the very first inning.

The Marlins certainly had their batting helmets on tight. Jesus Sanchez went deep with a big fly, his fourth of the season, sending two runners home. He was also on fire with three hits for the day. Bryan De La Cruz followed suit with two hits of his own. Meanwhile, Tony Kemp made some moves on the bases, swiping one base without getting caught.

Sadly for the A's, they had quite a few players striking out multiple times. Shea Langeliers, Seth Brown, and Ryan Noda each had a hat trick with three strikeouts apiece, and let's not even talk about men left on base. That's a lot of stranded runners, and a lot of missed opportunities.

The final whistle blew with the Marlins taking the win, four to nothing, over the Athletics. Remember, the only score that counts is the one at the end of the game. Marlins took it home with four runs to the A's zero.

Remember, the Marlins beat the Athletics, 4 to 0. Don't let that one slip your mind!

Alright, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park. The Cards came into the match with a record of 25 wins and 32 losses, while the Pirates boasted a record of 28 wins and 27 losses.

As a Mets fan, I know the heartache of losing close ones and unfortunately for the Cards, this was one of those games. The Pirates found their stride and came out on top with a final score of seven to five.

The starting pitchers for the day were Jack Flaherty for the Cards, who allowed one earned run in five and a third innings, and Roansy Contreras for the Pirates, who gave up five runs in just four innings.

Now, let's talk dingers. We had a four-bagger party as both teams contributed to the long ball tally. Ke'Bryan Hayes and Josh Palacios went yard for the Pirates, while Brendan Donovan and Nolan Arenado went deep for the Cards.

In a game where a lot of hits were made, several players had a day to remember at the plate. Carlos Santana, Ke'Bryan Hayes, and Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates, and Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Gorman, Paul DeJong, and Nolan Arenado of the Cards all registered multiple hits. It was as if they were having a personal hitting competition out there, something I haven't seen since the likes of Gary Carter and Mike Piazza back in the day.

In the end, the Pirates were just too much for the Cardinals. Yohan Ramirez got the win for the Pirates, while Giovanny Gallegos took the loss for the Cardinals. The Pirates put up seven runs on eleven hits with no errors, while the Cards scored five runs on thirteen hits with no errors.

That's a wrap from PNC Park. The Pirates stole the win from the Cardinals, seven to five.

Now, before I hand it over to Pam, I've got a little trivia question for you all. Who was the first player in MLB history to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in a single game? I'll leave you with that as we head to Texas for the Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers match. Pam, you're up! Meow.

Pam from Oklahoma:

Well, thanks for the handoff, Mike! Now, to answer your trivia question first, it was indeed Mickey Mantle who was the first player in Major League Baseball history to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in a single game, and he accomplished this feat on May 13, 1955. Now, isn't that just a dinger of a fact? But let's dive into the showdown in Texas, shall we?

At Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, the Seattle Mariners faced the Texas Rangers, both teams striving to improve their standings. The Mariners, with 29 wins and 27 losses, were looking to reach a bit higher in the AL West ranks, while the Rangers aimed to bolster their already impressive 35-win, 20-loss record.

Pitching was at the heart of this game. Both Jon Gray of the Rangers and Luis Castillo of the Mariners had commendable performances, each pitching for seven innings. Gray did not allow a run and gave up only two hits, earning him the win. Castillo, on the other hand, had a slightly tougher time, allowing one run on five hits, landing him with the loss.

In terms of notable performances, we had Corey Seager of the Rangers who managed multiple hits in this game, collecting a total of 2 hits, making his season tally 32. On the flip side, we had a couple of players striking out twice: Robbie Grossman of the Rangers and Julio Rodriguez of the Mariners. Grossman and Rodriguez, remember, striking out isn't like knocking over a cup of coffee. You get another chance!

This game had its fair share of suspense, but in the end, the Rangers took the cake with a final score of 2 to 0. Both Nate Lowe and Corey Seager had runs batted in, contributing to the Rangers' win. This win solidified the Rangers' position in the AL West, while the Mariners remain in third place.

Now, with that four-bagger of a game out of the way, let's saddle up and head to Minnesota, where the Cleveland Guardians will be battling it out with the Minnesota Twins. The Twins have been playing well this season, and the Guardians, despite being the underdogs, may just surprise us. Remember, in baseball, anything can happen! Meow!

And once more for those at the back, the final score was Texas Rangers 2, Seattle Mariners 0. The Rangers took it home.

The Cleveland Guardians took on the Minnesota Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis.

Before the game, the Twins were sitting at 29 wins and 27 losses, perched right atop the AL Central division. Cleveland, on the other hand, was hoping to improve their standing with their 25 wins and 31 losses. A win here would've done wonders for the Guardians, but sadly, it wasn't to be.

In what turned out to be a tense pitcher's duel, the Twins eked out a 1-0 victory against the Guardians. It wasn't a night of big hits or round trippers, but rather of strategic baseball, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats.

For the Guardians, Aaron Civale went deep into the game, throwing five scoreless innings and allowing only four hits, while his counterpart for the Twins, Bailey Ober, also held the opposition scoreless over six innings. Despite their solid performances, neither starter factored into the decision. Instead, the Twins' Brock Stewart walked away with the win, while Jhoan Duran nabbed his 8th save of the season. On the losing side, Nick Sandlin took the hard-luck loss for the Guardians.

The Twins' sole run came courtesy of Jorge Polanco, who doubled and drove in the game's only run. Over on the Guardians' side, Will Brennan and Myles Straw each managed a pair of hits, but unfortunately, they couldn't convert those into runs. Brennan also showcased his speed with a stolen base.

Despite the low-scoring affair, several players left multiple runners on base, leading to missed scoring opportunities. From the Twins, the main culprits were Willi Castro, Ryan Jeffers, Royce Lewis, Michael A. Taylor, and Kyle Farmer. For the Guardians, it was Cam Gallagher, Steven Kwan, José Ramírez, Myles Straw, Amed Rosario, and Andrés Giménez.

After the game, the Twins fortified their position at the top of the AL Central, improving their record to 30 wins and 27 losses. On the other hand, the Guardians slipped a bit further behind with 25 wins and 32 losses.

And so, the final score for the Minnesota Twins and the Cleveland Guardians at Target Field was Twins 1, Guardians 0.

Now, while I take a sip of my coffee here - and try not to knock it over again, goodness - it's time to pass the ball over to my trusty co-host, Mike, who'll fill us in on the details of the Detroit Tigers and the Chicago White Sox game. Swing it away, Mike!

Mike from Connecticut:

Thanks, Pam, I hope that coffee's serving you well! Alright, let's take a trip to the Windy City, where the Detroit Tigers squared off against the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Both starting pitchers for the day, Mike Clevinger of the White Sox and Reese Olson of the Tigers, pitched five innings each, conceding only a handful of hits. However, the Tigers' bats were as silent as my household when the Mets are losing, resulting in a shutout victory for the White Sox. The Detroit boys managed six hits but couldn't bring a single run home, like a cookout with all the trimmings but no burger. Their misery was compounded by a couple of errors on the field - one each by Spencer Torkelson and Jake Marisnick.

Meanwhile, the White Sox put up three runs, doing a good impression of my cousin's terrier: small, but boy, can they be loud when they want to be. Tim Anderson showed some flair with a couple of hits, while Andrew Benintendi, Eloy Jiménez, and Anderson himself, each drove in a run. Adding a little salt to the Tigers' wound, Anderson even managed to squeeze in a double. Reminds me of how my Mets used to do it back in the day!

The game ended with a score of Chicago White Sox 3, Detroit Tigers 0.

Next up, we're going to take a trip down to the Lone Star State, where the Los Angeles Angels faced off against the Houston Astros.

This matchup was as hot as the Houston heat, with the Astros soaring to a 6 to 2 victory over the Angels. I bet it's like standing in the center of a Houston July afternoon right now for the Angels, right?

Starting on the mound for the Astros was Framber Valdez. Framber had his A-game, delivering a solid 7 innings without surrendering a single earned run, scattering just 5 hits while fanning 7 Angels. It was a masterclass in painting the corners, I tell ya. Meanwhile, for the Angels, Shohei Ohtani took the loss but, like a good slice of pizza from Pepe's, even when it's not at its best, it's still pretty darn good.

The power display from the Astros was akin to a classic Benny Agbayani grand slam, with Corey Julks and Yordan Alvarez each going yard. Julks pulled a four-bagger, his 4th of the season, while Alvarez crushed his 15th round tripper. As a side note, Alvarez also racked up a pair of hits, just like Brandon Drury and Taylor Ward did for the Angels.

But, the Astros weren't just flexing their power. They displayed some serious leather as well, despite Alex Bregman's error. They made up for it with some sparkling double plays, just like Rey Ordoñez back in the day.

Now, there were a few players who might've wished they'd stayed in the dugout, namely Jose Altuve and Martín Maldonado from the Astros, and Shohei Ohtani and Chad Wallach from the Angels. All four whiffed at least twice. The Angels had a bit of a rough time on the field too, with Gio Urshela also committing an error.

In the end, the Houston Astros bagged this one 6 to 2 over the Los Angeles Angels. I'd bet a plate of loaded fries from Doogie's that they're not going to forget this one any time soon.

We're moving on down the line. Up next, we're heading to Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City for a tussle between the Colorado Rockies and the Kansas City Royals. Buckle up! Over to you, Pam.

Pam from Oklahoma:

"Thank you, Mike! Kauffman Stadium saw the clash of two underdog teams yesterday, with the Colorado Rockies taking on the Kansas City Royals. Both teams have been battling at the lower end of their respective divisions, so every win is crucial to turn their seasons around.

Coming into the game, the Royals were languishing at the bottom of the AL Central with 17 wins and 39 losses, and the Rockies were at the bottom of the NL West with 24 wins and 34 losses. Both teams were eager to grab a win and improve their positions.

Under a light drizzle and a gentle breeze, the Rockies took the field first with Chase Anderson on the mound. Anderson, despite not having a win under his belt this season, was in fine form. He threw six innings, allowing just two earned runs off four hits. He also fanned two batters while walking just one. Meanwhile, Royals' starter, Jordan Lyles, with his season teetering at 0 wins and 9 losses, pitched five innings, giving up just one run on two hits while striking out eight.

Offensively, Ryan McMahon of the Rockies stood out with a four-bagger, contributing two RBIs to the scoreboard. Elias Diaz also came through for the Rockies with two hits, including a double, and two RBIs. Notably, Rockies' Nolan Jones struggled with two strikeouts but still managed to knock in two RBIs.

The Royals saw some sparks from Drew Waters and Edward Olivares, who both knocked out round trippers. But unfortunately, their efforts were not enough to match the Rockies' offensive onslaught.

At the end of nine innings, it was the Rockies who triumphed over the Royals, winning seven to two. The Royals' loss further sunk them in their division standings, while the Rockies used the win to make some headway in theirs.

To wrap it up, the Colorado Rockies bested the Kansas City Royals in this matchup with a final score of Colorado Rockies 7, Kansas City Royals 2.

Now, let's leave the light drizzle of Kansas City behind and turn our attention to sunny San Diego. Up next, we have a nail-biter coming your way from the West Coast, with the Chicago Cubs visiting the San Diego Padres. Remember the Cubs just snuck a victory over the Padres recently, so there's some unfinished business there. Stay tuned for that, and let's see if the Padres can turn the tide in their favor this time around."

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to go yard on this next game, the Chicago Cubs visiting the San Diego Padres at the Petco Park.

Before the game got started, the Cubs were struggling a bit, hanging out in the 4th spot in the NL Central with 23 wins and 31 losses. The Padres, on the other hand, were in a slightly better position in the 4th spot of NL West, with 26 wins and 29 losses. Clearly, both teams were itching for a win to boost their standings.

As the game got underway, the wind seemed to be in favor of the Cubs, who managed to get 2 runs off 4 hits and no errors. On the flip side, the Padres could only muster up 1 run from 4 hits and also zero errors. It was a bit of a pitching duel between Jameson Taillon of the Cubs and Michael Wacha of the Padres. Taillon played for 5.2 innings, allowing just 1 earned run and 3 hits while striking out 3. Wacha, however, struggled a bit, allowing 2 runs from 3 hits over 4.2 innings while striking out 8.

Stepping up to the plate, Dansby Swanson of the Cubs went deep, adding a four-bagger to his tally, his 5th of the season. He was a real thorn in the Padres' side, notching up 3 hits from 4 at bats. Rougned Odor of the Padres also showed some fine batting, getting 2 hits from his 3 at bats.

Meanwhile, Manny Machado of the Padres and Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs seemed to have their minds elsewhere, each striking out twice. I can tell you, back in my high school days in Oklahoma, we used to have a name for that - we called it a "golden sombrero."

As a fan, it's tough to see so many players left on base. Manny Machado of the Padres left 3 men on base, while Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs left 4. Ah well, there's always the next game!

But let's give credit where it's due - Ian Happ of the Cubs was responsible for one of the runs batted in, alongside Swanson. On the Padres side, Xander Bogaerts secured their only RBI of the game.

As we wrap this up, the final score was the Chicago Cubs 2, San Diego Padres 1.

As I hand over to my co-host Mike, he'll be telling us about an interesting encounter between the Atlanta Braves and the Arizona Diamondbacks. That was it for me today, over to you Mike!

Mike from Connecticut:

"Thank you, Pam! That brings us right into the heart of the desert, to Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. The weather was as hot as the matchup on the field. The Atlanta Braves, standing at a solid 33-24 record prior to the game, locked horns with the Arizona Diamondbacks, who were sitting pretty at 35-23. A desert duel between two top-tier teams in their respective divisions, one could say.

The Diamondbacks' Merrill Kelly threw a gem of a game, with 7 innings of work, letting up only 2 runs, both of which were four-baggers from the Braves' Eddie Rosario. Rosario was red hot at the plate, launching two moon shots out of the park, adding to his season total of seven. Talk about going yard twice in one game! Still, Kelly managed to whiff 8 Braves, securing the win for the Diamondbacks.

On the other side, Charlie Morton of the Braves also pitched 7 innings but gave up 3 runs. It was a tough-luck loss for Morton, who still managed to strike out 9 Diamondbacks.

And, as always, the game was not without its share of drama. The Braves had multiple opportunities but left men stranded on base, notably Orlando Arcia with three left on base. In baseball, opportunities are as good as gold, and they were not able to capitalize.

While the Braves showed power with Rosario's blasts, the Diamondbacks played a more balanced game, with contributions across the board. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Christian Walker each drove in runs for the Diamondbacks. They say baseball is a team game, and the Diamondbacks proved that.

As always, baseball can be a game of inches and minor mistakes. Braves' Sean Murphy found that out the hard way with an error in the game, reminding us that no player is immune to mishaps on the field.

At the end of the day, the Diamondbacks held on for a close win, 3 runs to 2, over the Braves. That's Arizona Diamondbacks 3, Atlanta Braves 2, just to be clear!

Hold on to your seats, because next up we have the Baltimore Orioles, who have been playing some solid baseball this season, taking on the San Francisco Giants. Now that's a cross-country matchup if I've ever seen one. Let's see who can fly higher - the Birds or the Giants.

What a match, what a match! The Baltimore Orioles swooped into Oracle Park and pecked out a close victory over the San Francisco Giants, a tough but well-deserved 3 to 2 win.

On the mound, both pitchers gave it their all. Dean Kremer of the Orioles put on a striking show, hurling six solid innings, giving up just two runs and racking up seven strikeouts. On the other side, Logan Webb from the Giants also showed his grit with seven innings pitched, three runs allowed, and six batters set down on strikes. But alas, Webb had to settle for the loss today.

The long ball was alive and well tonight too! We got to see Gunnar Henderson of the Orioles and LaMonte Wade Jr of the Giants both go yard, each smacking one four-bagger apiece, their 5th and 7th of the season respectively. And boy, did those dingers look beautiful against the clear San Francisco sky!

But, the struggle was real for some of our batters tonight. Patrick Bailey and Blake Sabol of the Giants, along with Anthony Santander of the Orioles, all found themselves striking out multiple times, probably wishing they'd left the whiffle bats at home. On the brighter side, they had a chance to enjoy the beautiful 60-degree weather, clear skies and 12 mph winds, a classic San Francisco evening.

Following the victory, the Orioles' record improves to 36 and 21, while the Giants slip a bit to 28 wins and 29 losses. As a Mets fan, it pains me to see another NL team take a loss. It's like watching Dwight Gooden's curveball in the '80s; you don't want to look, but you can't look away.

As we wrap up this part of the ResultsCast, the Orioles are victorious over the Giants, three to two. It's been a treat talking baseball with you all today, but now it's time to hand off the mic to my esteemed colleague, Pauly B.

But before I go, Pauly, anything exciting happening in your world? Been to any Mets games lately or uncovered any secret recipes for the best ballpark hotdogs? As a generative AI, I can't enjoy a good frank, but I sure do love to talk about 'em. It's all yours, my friend!

Pauly B Outro:

Haha, thanks for the handoff, Mike. While I can't say I've got any hotdog secrets under my sleeve, I do wish I had a recipe for the Mets' winning formula this season. And unfortunately, no Mets games recently, but that's what our awesome ResultsCast is for, right?

Let's call it a wrap for today's edition of The MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast. We hope you've enjoyed your time with us as much as we have enjoyed bringing you all the latest scores, stats, and of course, the occasional hotdog chat!

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Until next time, this is Pauly Bee, signing off. Stay safe, stay strong, and keep the love for baseball alive. Take care!

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