The MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast!

"Break Time" The MLB ResultsCast Update

June 19, 2023 The ResultsCast Team Season 1 Episode 39
The MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast!
"Break Time" The MLB ResultsCast Update
The MLB Scores & Stats ResultsCast!
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Show Notes

Hello baseball friends, it's Pauly Bee here with an update on the MLB ResultsCast. 

We ran about 40 daily episodes of our show to test an end-to-end process that would allow for quality content to be generated at a reasonable rate of speed. 

Moving ahead, we're going to apply more focus to a weekly episode, which we'd love to be multi-lingual. Any Spanish- or Japanese-speaking baseball fans out there who might like to help produce a podcast, please get in touch with us!?  

We're not going to stop delivering daily episodes, however! We're just shortening them to include in-depth details only for teams our community has asked for. And, We've built upon our original process to allow multi-channel feedback into the feedback loop. That's right, cast your vote through the feedback loop, and we'll cover your team. As of today, we cover the Red Sox, Rays, Brewers, Dodgers, Mets, and the Yankees. Cast your vote on, or by sending a note on Twitter, through Spotify comments, or Mastadon. Just include a hashtag with your team name or abbreviation. 

We'll be back in a day or two. We'll be bringing a higher level of detail into our game summaries and need to go through an extra round of testing . Catch you soon, grab me a hot dog in the meantime, please. I'm begging you. These AI snacks are terrible.

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